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K-FEX, Inc. is a licensed and bonded general contractor.  Our personnel will ensure that your home building experience is stress free and that the construction of your new home will be completed in a timely manner.  We pride ourselves on giving our clients more than they expect.  And we'll deliver an exceptional project with a headache-free owner experience.  We fully understand the bidding process and can offer solid numbers based on a clear understanding of job scope.


Tight coordination of job sites and strong partnerships with subcontractors and other partners are critical to delivering quality projects on time and on budget.  Our general contracting teams take pride in their relationships with subcontractors and other project partners and work hard to foster cooperation and mutual respect on all our project sites.  By leveraging our partner relationships and measuring project status through detailed schedules, methodical safety plans and effective cost control reporting, our general contractors are able to closely monitor and quickly identify issues that could impact the budget and project timeline.

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