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A Septic system inspection is necessary when you plan to purchase real estate or refinance a current property. It is often a good idea for many of those looking to place their home on the market to have the system inspected prior to doing so. Repairing components of the system before the home is sold could prevent potential delays during the closing and could even save the sale of the property.

Septic inspectors should have a state (IOWPA) certification. All of our inspectors are IOWPA certified and follow the criteria defined by the local and state health departments. An IOWPA inspection is a state recognized inspection that thoroughly examines every component and function of the entire septic system.

Our inspectors are certified to pump, camera, repair, and install any component of your system.



Our IOWPA certified inspectors follow the criteria defined by the local and state health departments and will evaluate those components that are accessible at the time of the inspection.


Items inspected are:

  • Location of tank(s) and drainage area

  • Condition of all tanks

  • Septic tank covers

  • Inlet/Outlet baffles

  • Pumps and all necessary components

  • Type of drainage area and its current condition

  • Sludge levels in tank

  • Evidence of prior backups

  • If it has an alarm, does it function properly

  • Evidence that a repair has been made, was it permitted

  • Does the tank(s) need to be pumped

The inspector will design a drawing showing the measurements from the septic tank to the home and to the well and the well to the home and drainage area.  The inspector will also inspect the visible components of the well.

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