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For years, plumbers have been guessing at the causes of sewer line problems and what causes blockages.  K-FEX, Inc. uses sophisticated video camera technology to determine where the blockage is located in the sewer line allowing us to get the blockage cleared quickly.


Sewer pipes can fail due to faulty installation, items stuck in the line, invasive roots or any other host of problems.  Sewer cameras can tell us exactly where the problem in the line is located allowing our professionals to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done to correct the problem and save you from unnecessary and costly repairs.


We use the latest in sewer camera technology to see what is happening in the pipes of your plumbing system.  The camera is fed by the technician into the sewer pipe through a cleanout or other accessible opening.  Seeing this information on a video screen allows the technician to determine how many feet into the pipe the camera is and allowing them to determine exactly where the cause of the problem is below ground.

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