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Overtime waste builds up in your drain lines and septic tank.  Our special blend of bacteria helps to reduce this waste.  Our natural digesting micro-organisms will not harm your plumbing or septic system like chemical drain openers can.  Continue to keep the environment safe by using our special blend regularly.  Each box contains twelve packets.  Use one packet per month.



-Help to provide natural aid to normal operation of waste disposal systems, increasing the capacity for waste elimination.

-Help to eliminate odors which attract disease bearing insects.

-Help to reduce gum and pectin which causes glazing of drainfields and drainage pits.

-Help to eliminate soggy soil and surface puddles due to clogging of the drainfield.

-Help to keep your entire plumbing system working and healthy.

-Help to break down grease.

-Has a long shelf life.

-Has decades of proven product reliability.

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